Sujimichi "Gloves" Shokkou

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Height(in ft.) 5' 8
Weight(in lbs.) 134 lbs.
Element Thread
Relationship None
Family Father(deceased), Mother(deceased)
Friends Silver Hood, Scarf, Robe
Enemies Team Chaos
Voice Actor ???
Seiyu ???
Debut ???
Team Ondan Seats

Sujimichi Shokkou(Lit. Thread Weaver), or more commonly referred to as Gloves is one of the Ondan Seats in The Eight Virtuous Chairs in Complete and Utter Chaos. His nickname comes from his green-colored gloves. He is partners with Scarf, the two of which seem to get along, even so much as to wear the same suits, though Scarf once jokingly said in a filler flashback the anime, "It doesn't fit my figure."

Basic InformationEdit

Gloves doesn't have a very detailed past, but it is rather interesting. He was raised under the impression that the man and women who created him(and gave him the name he has) were his real parents, and didn't question it, until the Zarathustran Anomaly, which killed his "parents", as well as everyone in his small town, and made it look like he did it. Silver Hood(who was the cause of the Anomaly as he was wakening and caused it), tricked him into finding out about his past, to the extent that he discovered he was actually a stuffed animal, held together with threads and given an artificial heart. Silver Hood then said he could give Gloves the power to destroy those who mocked creation and tried to play god, on the terms that he join with him. He agreed out of spite and shock, and Silver Hood planted part of his mask into his skull. After meeting the others that he gathered, he forms a friendship with Robe, Scarf, and Silver, and deicdes to partner with Scarf, as Silver isn't a main Chair, and therefore doesn't go on missions, and Robe was forced to go with Cloak.


Gloves, unlike Scarf, has ambiguous powers. He isn't a bad fighter, who mostly fights with his legs. The Anomalized Metal in his skull allows him to control the threads in his body, specifically to multiply or elongate, which he uses to his advantage. He can even detach it by "breaking the bone" where the thread begins. He uses this to create Thread Bullets, that carry immense strength and speed inside of them. He can even sustain life without his artificial body, heart, and cotton blood. Obviously, this lack of a body allows him slight defects in terms of sturdiness and power, but he can still use his thread lethally, and use them better without his skin.

Gloves also has the ability to stockpile energy sent at him and release it in large waves of energy that are so unnoticable to the naked eye that he dubs it the "God Flash".

Complete and Utter ChaosEdit

Gloves is paired with Scarf, and the two don the same suits to go and accomplish their missions "in style". They supposedly have a higher place in the group than Cloak and Robe or the Dischord Twins. Their main assignment in C&UC is to take down Team Chaos. They are unable to confront the entire group, but the two-man team goes up against the two-girl group of Jess and Noelle.

Noelle prominently shows her strength against Scarf, while Gloves fights Jess, who is having trouble finding her true strengths. When Scarf steps out to heal, Gloves handles the both of them by trapping Noelle and pelting her with Thread Bullets, and using his threads to create an Illusion to hypnotize and divert Jess. Noelle is able to break the ground under which the threads hypnotizing Jess are coming from, which disables them as they fall through the ground, but before she can save herself, Gloves increases the grip that he has Noelle in, making her pass out. He then sheds to his neck, and attempts to have Scarf light him on fire in an attempt to commit a murder/suicide with Noelle.

Jess finds the strength to call upon her Valkiryon Vampire Mode, which she uses to cut the thread just before the fire catches to Noelle, which kills Gloves. With Noelle, the two combine their powers to nearly kill Scarf, who kills himself by relinquishing his Metal Piece, ultimately giving Noelle and Jess the win.

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