The Phyello are a race of beings in the universe of Zarathustra. The Phyello are dead souls that exist on a plane of existance far away from Zarathustra, presumably created bu Universitas as well. The Phyello are fair-skinned in all areas but their faces, which are pitch-black with large yellow eyes, much like the typical Final-Fantasy type Black Mage. All Phyello have brown hair as their default hair style. Most Phyellan children have pale, greenish, clammy skin, and cover their faces with random objects, such as broken TVs and paper bags. Phyello are generally stright insane, though some break the mold slightly, while others are totally different from typical Phyello. Most Phyello cannot stand upright, they walk like animals, or crawl, and being able to stand on two feet instead of on all fours is considered powerful. Phyello's main source of nutrition comes from other flesh-based organisms and rocks and gems. Phyello also occasionally have to switch bodies, most of them just kill someone they see on the street to facilitate this need. No Phyello is supposed to have a name that's longer than one word, and some names are just forgotten altogether.

In My Heart, My Savior, it is revealed that the Phyello were made by the Animians as tools to rule all parts of the galaxy. All Phyello are robotic constructs transmuted with clay and cloth to make their skin. Almost all of the Phyello were taken by Universitas and thrown into a pocket in the farthest outreaches of the dimension, and the Animians almost wiped out for committing a war crime on an epic scale.

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