Rowan Desiderius "Silver Hood" Hood

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Height(in ft.) 5' 9
Weight(in lbs.) 119 lbs.
Element varied
Relationship Carly Hood(wife;deceased)
Family none
Friends considers nobody to be his friend
Enemies Team Chaos and most protagonists
Voice Actor "KingChaos" Mazzella
Seiyu ???
Debut ???
Team non-affiliated

Rowan Desiderius Hood or more aptly known asSilver Hood is the main antagonist in the Complete and Utter Chaos series. He has multiple roles, a large backstory, and makes many other cameo appearences in other KingChaos media.

Basic InformationEdit

Silver Hood was born a typical Phyellan Construct, made by the ancestors of Antilus, one of the last few Animians. Silver Hood was made to be the angel of death, to conquer any worlds he may come across, and only obeying Antilus. However, instead of being sent out to do his job, Universitas emerged and devoured the most of the Animian race and planet, as well as the unsent constructs, such as Silver Hood. Silver Hood was pulled out by Universitas and examined, as he sensed the kind of evil he anticipated to find on the worl he had just made, Zarathustra, and thusly equipped him with Universitas Gedaz, the Metal Mask of polymorphic energy. The mask not only rewrote the entirety of Silver Hood's true skin, turning it from the typical Phyellan robot design to that of a supremely unique alien, but also covered it and made it much more human than it was. He then locked Silver Hood away, inside a special part of Zarathustra, hoping he would awake as soon as life disturbed him. The thing Universita didn't expect was that this wouldn't occur for almost 5000 years, where he awoke as a small boy in the outskirts of Rush City. There he met Carly, and the two quickly became good friends, to the point where he absorbed their culture into him, giving him humanity, despite his strange abilities that pushed them all away from the residents of the city. It wasn't until the downfall of Rush City that Silver Hood had used his mask for evil, as the loss of his lovely Carly had driven him to the point where he wanted to fight to get her back again. This failed, as Silver Hood ended up exhausting so much power that he had to lay dormant for 2000 more years, rolling around to the beginning of the series.

Silver Hood's appearance is similar to Josephs , but he bears the black face of the Phyello. His true face isn't often seen, as he covers it with his mask.


His weapon isn't a static or magical object. Why? Because Silver Hood is the "rightful" guardian of Zarathustra, and him and Joseph both have the ability to build and destroy the world, and change themselves, for their own needs, though one can't remove or change the other(Silver Hood only carries an immunity while he wears his mask. Meaning that if you could remove the mask, Joseph could destroy him[this ends up being the ultimate objective towards the end of the series]). Anyways, his weapon is actually the environment around him, he can even turn the 1% of plasma in the air into condensed energy, meaning a widespread gas vortex in a way. In the series, he also literally killed a man, skinned him, and then wore the skin as a temporary disguise, which isn't a natural ability of his. He literally tore the skin open and climbed in.

Complete and Utter ChaosEdit

A Villain is BornEdit

In Complete And Utter Chaos, Silver Hood is awoken when Joseph wishes for his journey to end, due to a miserable day. His anguish literally forces him back into life. Silver Hood then kidnaps Joseph, and begins channeling his mask and spirit through Joseph to heal while Joseph does his work, with all the same powers. After Silver is done healing, he returns Joseph, in the thought that he doesn't need him anymore. He then begins using Exhibit A(Grim) to observe them, much like he did in season 1. After they discover(again), and break the simulation, Silver Hood kills Grim, and stumbles upon an interesting book, which says that the ultimate power lies within the creator of Zarathustra. Silver Hood then captures Joseph in plain sight of them, and tells them about himself, leaving with Joseph.

When they return to Heian's house, Silver Hood looks back on his past as a hero, and diplomat of a town. He didn't originally use the silver mask to it's full extent until his love interest and other super hero Carly was killed. He was then struck hard with grief, and became better known as the villain he is now, sacrificing the rest of his will into the mask.

Breaking and EnteringEdit

The team tries to find Silver Hood's realm, which is systematically on the bottom of the world, where they began. Along the way, Silver Hood goes crazy after finding out that not only can't he get the power from Joseph, but he'd also have to literally spare himself to do so. He traps Joseph in the Infinity Sleep Demon, and locks himself inside the temple at Zarathustra's capital. The gang gets there only to find what looks like Joseph, but turns out to be Silver Hood, using what little power he has left to try and kill them so he can harvest Joseph. His outer shell falls apart to reveal a horrible beast, which was his true face all along. Chaos makes the others leave while he fights Silver alone. This fails halfway through the battle, and Chaos is severely injured, but then healed by Joseph, who woke up, and the two defeat Silver Hood, for the time being.

It's not until after leaving the temple that Silver Hood begins to fuse with it, becoming a horrible giant deformity. It takes the powers of both Joseph and Chaos to reduce him to normal size, but Joseph decides to do the deed himself. He attempts to remove the mask, only to find a fading facade that once resembled Joseph's. Joseph turns himself into Silver Hood to relinquish the original of his form, which turns him into a pile of flames. Joseph fears he can't be freed, but after a speech by Chaos, the mask falls off, ultimately ending the Silver Hood problem. Joseph turns the mask back into a blob, and pockets it for extra power.

The mask does appear again, just before Joseph returns to the human world, in a fight between him and Chaos. The fight is resolved in Joseph winning, but only because "he had help from a friend.", implying that Silver Hood may still be alive, but is now a hero.

The Eight Virtuous ChairsEdit

Silver Hood is also one of the headmasters of the Eight Virtuous Chairs in the series.

He uses them in C&UC to dissolve Team Chaos while he tries to find something to aid his regain of Zarathustra, right after Exhibit A's death. He attempts to get them all together, but he fails, and simple sends The Dischord Twins after Chaos, Cloak (and Dagger) and Robe after Heian and Daichi, Scarf and Gloves after Noelle and Jess, and Sword and Shield after Joseph. The only successful team is Sword and Shield, whose orders were originally to kill Joseph, until Silver Hood found the information regarding him, and changed it to bringing him back.

Complete and Utter Chaos:The LaterEdit

The RebirthEdit

In C&UC:The Later, Silver Hood returns, as it was revealed that his spiritual essence didn't fall through the net into Gehel, and he returned to the world to try and repent for his actions. He finds a smith and requests a powerless copy of his old mask, and then travels to a monastery to acquire better fighting capabilities and an enlightened state. He reunites with Chaos and Heian, who had previously been off-planet, requesting to join the team, and eventually becomes an ally.

Silver Hood joins Team Chaos with Joseph's permission, and he proves to be a useful ally, blowing off steam with a whole new personality to match. He follows the party through thick and thin, foiling the plot of The Masters as they go along. It's not until the desert scene that Silver Hood double-crosses Team Chaos, and gets back his old mask. When he brands the old mask of his face, he becomes infused with his old powers, and then escapes.

By the time they all meet up again, Hood's fought his way to Jester and then reveals that his double-cross was only to get his fighting strength back and prove that he can hold his own against his insanity now that he's fixed himself. The team wails on Jester only to reveal that Jester was his beloved Carly, and he now enters a profuse anger and races ahead to try and stop the evil that set this all up, but all he can find is the Diabolic Master, who is then devoured by the evil of Universitas and spit out as a horrible towering creature.

After working diligently with the team, the monster dissolves and dissipates, and the truth that Universitas is controling everything is revealed. Silver Hood and Joseph know that they have to defeat him with the powers he left for them. They return to Heian's House with Carly and begin to discuss how they'll get to him. They decide that they'll have to return to the base and try to re-open the portal that was previously used, and enter themselves. They succeed, and make it into the pocket dimension that he lives in. They fly around the dimension beating him part by part, and then they enter the core. The core is too powerful for them in their regular forms, so they use their burst forms. After Joseph gets subdues, Silver Hood uses his most powerful abilities to defeat Universitas, and rescues Joseph. They recap the events before Hood has to leave for the new world for a while, and reveals to everyone his true face as he walks off into the portal.

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